How it works

Stand in front of something that looks as good as you do! Slide decks are a key component to any good sales presentation. Often salespeople are responsible for creating their own presentations. And while they may be able to produce the content that gains credibility with prospects; the design is lacking. Salespeople aren’t designers, so why are they left to design their own powerpoints? Kick Punch can provide you with professionally-designed slide decks that will present your ideas in the best light.


Upload your most current logo, slidedeck, brand guidelines and any other sales collateral you are using so that we can create brand-consistent material.


Using any guidelines you have provided, our designers create esthetic, professional materials for you. You follow up with a quick assessment or critique of the work, and the designer polishes it off.


We deliver final templates that are ready to be filled with your sales content. Don’t want to mess around with templates? Send over your content, and we will plug it in for you.


Now it’s on you! Get up there and knock ’em dead, score that big deal and be the sales hero you are.


  • Please upload your logo, previous slide deck, and any other branding assets you think would be helpful to our designers as they build you new slide deck.